What is Family Constellation?

NLP Practitioner Certification Training

NLP Practitioner Certification Training

What is NLP?

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Applied Psychology in Personal Growth



Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a study of the subjective experiences. Through the program, we are able to understand how our experiences are formed, corresponding negative and positive influences on us, and how we can adjust our cognition, emotion and behaviors to help pursue a good life. We will explore into what belief and value system we have built, identity identified, psychological patterns and behavioral habits formed and resolving of conflicting relationship with others.


Key Areas:

  • Building beliefs blocks
  • Readjustment of Emotions
  • Enhancement of Interpersonal Relationship
  • Verbal and non-verbal Languages
  • Inner Motivation and Goals setting


Course Content

  • Elicitation of limiting beliefs and positive beliefs
  • Elicitation of root cause and Influences of Family of Origin
  • Relief of negative emotions
  • Sub-modalities Change
  • Timeline Therapy and Fast Phobia Cure
  • Enhancement of positive emotions
  • Anchoring
  • Healing the Inner Child
  • Talking to Inner Child
  • Managing psychological and mental states
  • State Management
  • Enhancement of Interpersonal relationship
  • Rapport and Internal Representational System
  • Perceptual Positions
  • Empowering languages
  • Meta Model, Milton Model and Reframing
  • Changing of habits
  • Like to Dislike and SWISH Pattern
  • Elicitation of personal identity
  • Logical Levels
  • Realization of future goals.
  • Big Dream Coaching and Disney Strategies
  • Presuppositions


Target participants

Social workers, counselors, teachers, practitioners in the helping profession, and those in pursuit of personal growth, and better interpersonal relationships.


Jessica So


Learning Hours:

60 direct hours plus supervised workshop, examination, self-organized workshop, self-experienced assignment, reading assignment etc, 120 hhours in total.



HKD11,800.-, Early Bird Offer: HKD9,800.- (1 month before class commencement date.)
HSBC 12 monthly instalments payment plan available



  1. “Certified NLP Practitioner” with ABNLP official stamp signed by the Trainer; or
  2. Student can apply to ABNLP for certification through the Trainer with payment of initial and annual membership fee.



Holistic Works Consultancy Ltd.
6/F, Prospect Building, 493 A Nathan Rd, Yaumatei, Kln.


Class Date:

Please refer to Chinese Version
Time: 10am to 6pm


Course Structure:

8 x 8-hour classroom training, plus practicing sessions, home assignment, reading, written test, demo test, total training 120hours.



Call 2573-8411 or whatsapp 9481-8860 for registration.
Fill in the online enrolment form and we will contact you.

  1. Mail crossed check: payable to “Holistic Works Consultancy Limited”
    Please write your name and contact phone number on the back of the check and mail it
    to 6/F, Prospect Building, 493A Nathan Road, Kowloon.
  2. Bank in: HSBC
    Account number 450-572128-001 “Holistic Works Consultancy Limited”
    Please whatsapp the bank-in-slip to 9481-8860 or email the application form and bank-in-slip to info@holistic-works.com.
    Kindly write down your name, contact number, and course name on the receipt.
  3. Credit Card: Please contact our company for arrangement
  4. Cash Payment

Inquiries: (852) 2573 8411

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