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    • The Hong Kong Society of Psychotherapy is established in 2008. The basic structure of the society is formed under a limited company.

    • We are an educational organization to facilitate training and communication among professional and practicing psychotherapists in Hong Kong.

    • We are a group of interested parties in the profession including psychotherapy trainers, experienced practitioners from the medical profession, educational institutes, and welfare organizations. We invite well experienced psychotherapists as well as top class international psychotherapy trainers, people transformation experts and highly educated counseling professionals to form its advisory board

    • The Society aims at promoting psychotherapy in Hong Kong through organization of educational and development programs for its members and providing people helping services for the community.


    • Our goal is to encourage the growth and development of psychotherapy in the local community,

    • We aim to improve the public image and perception of psychotherapy in Hong Kong with ultimate purpose to facilitate the psychological healthy well-being of human beings.

    • We aim to promote the highest standards for psychotherapists-client relationship for its members, though providing an environment for professional development so as to facilitate the maintenance of professional standards, professional identity and self-regulation within the profession.

    • We aim to become a prominent association for psychotherapists from various disciplines: counseling, social work, marriage & family therapy, psychology, psychoanalysis, and other relative fields.


    • We intend to ally highly-educated and well trained psychotherapists to enhance the art and science of psychotherapy. We provide a platform for the networking and resource development for professionals

    • We educate the public the efficacy and usefulness of psychotherapy through working with the local NGOs or participating in welfare activities and organizing workshops.

    • We promote the education of psychotherapy through formalizing training programs, seminars and workshops including inviting participation of international scholars and facilitators on various discipline of psychotherapy.

    • We enhance high standards of training, experience sharing and learning , and promote the highest standards of clinical and ethical practice in the profession.

    • We promote interdisciplinary collaboration among various specialties in psychotherapy including the psychodynamic, client-centered, behaviorist, cognitive, family therapy, family constellation, gestalt therapy and various approaches within a dynamic systems perspective.

    • We facilitate cross-disciplinary thinking, investigation and research in psychotherapy, promote and enhance integrative knowledge and practice in the profession.

    • We are keen to develop new trends of methodologies in psychotherapy with focus on the applicability on daily life.

    • We establish ethical codes and guidelines, confirm professional identity of members, support members by professional credentials.

    • We provide clinical psychotherapy services for adults, adolescents and children as a practical base for ongoing development and education of the public.