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大學輔導碩士課程 - 輔導督導


Jessica So Suk Ching

Jessica So is the Placement Supervisor of the Master Degree in Counselling of Monash University Australia.

Holistic Works Consultancy Limited is the prevailing placement agency for the Practicum/ Internship Placement Program of Master Degree in Counselling of Monash University, and the Master of Social Science in Counselling of The University of Hong Kong.

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Jessica is an enthusiastic facilitator; she can be a role model for me as a counselor and share her experience for me as reference. Every single supervision session was constructive. Jessica provide effective suggestion for problem solving and she could always share relevant skills and techniques with me. She was really eager to facilitate me and capable to inspire me a lot for being a good counselor.


Jessica is an excellent supervisor; she helped me growing in counselling skills and broadens my vision in counselling profession. The most useful area to me is her coaching on how to deal with difficult situations in a therapy, and inspiring me how to plan the therapy to work in an effective way.


Form of Supervision

Individual/ Small Group


Supervision Fee

$800 per hour

suervision class